Our comprehensive Computer Services Include:

Think you can't afford to have your computer worked on? You've probably been to "the other guys." At Cline Computers, our shop rates are fair and affordable. Instead of hearing a salespitch, you'll be treated like a person, not a dollar sign. Call us anytime for an estimate!

We also carry a full range of PC parts including cases, power supplies, heatsinks, motherboards, AMD Processors, sound cards, and much more! Customize your PC with rounded cables, cold cathode lights, and lighted case fans!

Tired of 56K internet? We are an authorized dealer for Charter Communications, Clearwire, Benton & Franklin county PUDs and in case the need does come up we provide our own internet dialup to customers right from our own locations! Come in and test-drive the internet connections and our promotions or click on the appropriate links on our site.

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Why Upgrade?
Business AdvantagesTechnology Advantages


Computer attacks and viruses are escalating. Threats to computers are increasing. Older systems are more vulnerable to attack because of outdated security features. Refreshing desktops and notebooks to the latest high-performance systems is one of the best, most cost-efficient ways to help improve information security.

Stronger security measures such as automatic file encryption, anti-spyware, virtual private networking (VPN) for tunneling, and continuous virus scanning are processor-intensive and require today's faster systems to operate efficiently.


Performance and productivity go hand in hand. New applications such as online collaboration help boost productivity but require increased performance to operate efficiently. New desktops and notebooks from Cline include the latest AMD processors and provide the performance that users need to exceed today's productivity challenges. Hyper-threading technology and dual-core processors are both designed to allow users to finish more jobs in less time by working on two sets of chores simultaneously.

Simplified Management

At Cline we install software on your personal & business computers to assure you don't need to manage individual software titles. We install automatic updates, anti-virus software & anti-spyware software that run, update, and more so maintain your computer while working its processes in the background.

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