Everything in all of the datacenters are temperate controlled, and kept under lock and key with a general security system. No, we do not provide eye scans for entrance, but we have never had any thefts in our centers. The general public is not allowed into our centers.

Any hardware stored in the FPUD datacenter is accessed by a keycard with cameras viewing activity in all locations. This location has redundant electrical power & HVAC along with an automatic fire suppression system. For tours of this location, please contact us at 1-877-943-DATA (3282).

We can do most all server restarts within 1 to 2 hours of the call after normal business hours. With web-based control panels, such as Webmin, which we will install, free of charge on dedicated boxes, you will be able to manage many various aspects of your server on your own. Remote Rebootable APC devices are also available as an add-on option.

All servers have a minimum of 2 hours of uptime if the power goes out. Power outages are not frequent at our locations, but reality must set in that power outages can happen and that is why we are prepared for them.

We have equipment that assists our staff on 24/7 monitoring of our hardware. We have unix/bsd specialists, linux specialists, and even a MAC guy! All of them are around during normal business hours and can be on call after hours. If you are a mission critical client who needs maybe more security, or more power just let us know and we can figure something out to fit your needs.