Speed Test

Speed Connection Table

PIPEDSONumber of DSOsEquivalentEuropean
DSO64 Kbps1 DSO 64 kbps
DS1 1.544 Mbps 24 24DSO 2.048 Mbps (E1)
DS3 44.736 Mbps 672 28 DS1 34.368 Mbps
OC3 155.52 Mbps 2,016 3 DS3 STM 1
OC12 622.08 Mbps 8,064 4 OC3 STM 4
OC48 2.488 Gbps 32,256 4 OC12 STM 16
OC192 9.953 Gbps 129,024 4 OC48 STM 64
OC768 39.813 Gbps 516,096 4 OC192 STM 256

Data Measurement Chart
Data MeasurementSize
BitSingle Binary Digit (1 or 0)
Byte8 bits
Kilobyte (KB)1,024 Bytes
Megabyte (MB)1,024 Kilobytes
Gigabyte (GB)1,024 Megabytes
Terabyte (TB)1,024 Gigabytes
Petabyte (PB)1,024 Terabytes
Exabyte (EB)1,024 Petabytes

Data Transfer Rate Chart
Data Transfer RatesData Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)
Kbps or Kb
(Kilobits per second)
1,000 Bits125 Bytes
Mbps or Mb
(Megabits per second)
1,000,000 Bits125,000 Bytes122 Kilobytes
Gbps or Gb
(Gigabits per second)
1,000,000,000 Bits125,000,000 Bytes119 Megabytes

Connection Speed Chart
Internet TechnologyData Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)
28.8K Modem28.8 Kbps28,800 Bits3,600 Bytes3.5 Kilobytes
36.6K Modem36.6 Kbps36,600 Bits4,575 Bytes4.4 Kilobytes
56K Modem56 Kbps56,000 Bits7,000 Bytes6.8 Kilobytes
ISDN128 Kbps128,000 Bits16,000 Bytes15 Kilobytes
T11.544 Mbps1,544,000 Bits193,000 Bytes188 Kilobytes
DSL512 Kbps to 8 Mbps8,000,000 Bits1,000,000 Bytes976 Kilobytes
Cable Modem512 Kbps to 52 Mbps53,000,000 Bits6,625,000 Bytes6,469 Kilobytes (6.3MB/sec)
T344.736 Mbps44,736,000 Bits5,592,000 Bytes5,460 Kilobytes (5.3MB/sec)
Gigabit Ethernet1 Gbps1,000,000,000 Bits125,000,000 Bytes122,070 Kilobytes (119MB/sec)
OC-25613.271 Gbps13,271,000,000 Bits1,658,875,000 Bytes1,619,995 Kilobytes (1.5GB/sec)

Computer Technology Chart
Computer TechnologyData Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)
ADB256 Kbps256,000 Bits32,000 Bytes31.2 Kilobytes
USB12 Mbps12,000,000 Bits1,500,000 Bytes1,464 Kilobytes (1.42MB/sec)
USB 2.0480 Mbps480,000,000 Bits60,000,000 Bytes58,593 Kilobytes (1.42MB/sec)
FireWire (a.k.a. "IEEE 1394" or "i.Link")400 Mbps400,000,000 Bits50,000,000 Bytes48,828 Kilobytes (47.6MB/sec)
Ultra ATA/33 (a.k.a. Ultra DMA/33)33 MB/sec
Ultra ATA/66 (a.k.a. Ultra DMD/66 or Fast ATA-2)66 MB/sec
SCSI-15 MB/sec
SCSI-25-10 MB/sec
Fast SCSI-210-20 MB/sec
Wide SCSI-220 MB/sec
Fast Wide SCSI-220 MB/sec
Ultra SCSI-3 (8-bit)20 MB/sec
Ultra SCSI-3 (16-bit)40 MB/sec
Ultra-2 SCSI40 MB/sec
Wide Ultra-2 SCSI80 MB/sec
Ultra-3 SCSI160 MB/sec
Serial ATA (Gen 1)150 MB/sec1.2 Gbps
Serial ATA (Gen 2)300 MB/sec2.4 Gbps
Serial ATA (Gen 3)600 MB/sec4.8 Gbps

Video Format Chart
Video FormatsNTSC Resolution (525 Vertical Lines)
8mm250 Horizontal Lines
VHS250 Horizontal Lines
VHS-C250 Horizontal Lines
Hi8400 Horizontal Lines
S-VHS400 Horizontal Lines
DV500 Horizontal Lines
DVD500 Horizontal Lines

Audio/Video Chart
Audio/Video TechnologyData Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)Data Rate (per second)
CD1.4112 Mbps1,411,200 Bits176,400 Bytes172 Kilobytes
DVD10 Mbps10,000,000 Bits1,250,000 Bytes1,220 Kilobytes (1.1MB/sec)
DV30.1 Mbps30,195,712 Bits3,774,464 Bytes3,686 Kilobytes (3.6MB/sec)
DLP37 Mbps to 43 Mbps43,000,000 Bits5,375,000 Bytes5,249 Kilobytes (5.2MB/sec)

Data Comparison Chart
Kilobits (Kbps)Bits (bps)Megabits (Mbps)Bytes (Bps)Kilobytes (KBps)Megabytes (MBps)Minutes On 650MB CDMinutes On 4.7GB DVD