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04/05/2007Cline Computers interviews with KNDU-TV about wireless Internet story

Cline Computers provided expert information in regards to wireless router security for the home use to KNDU-TV during a news story to be aired during the 5PM and 11PM newscasts. The 1 1/2 minute story about securing your home network will air on the NBC affiliate's station during the 5 o'clock newscast and their late evening 11 o'clock newscast informing viewers on how to secure their wireless networks especially for folks who live in apartment complexes.

It is important to keep your wireless networks secure to assure others are not able to view your private information via their laptops connected to your wireless network.

For more information about the story, feel free to contact Cline Communications via the online helpdesk at or by calling 1-877-943-DATA.

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