System Status
207 records Saturday, September 30, 2023

03/08/2016Charter Phones + Internet
12/23/2015Closed for the holiday
10/16/2015Tri-City Herald DealSaver
10/12/2015Closed for Columbus Day
08/29/2015Closed for Labor Day
06/18/2015Server Network Problems
01/24/2015Kennewick ... Here we come!
10/12/2014Closed for Columbus Day
09/01/2014Closed for Labor Day
08/15/2014Short Hardware Outage Today
07/19/2014Tri-City LAN Party
07/09/2014Tri-City LAN Party on July 19th
05/23/2014Closed Memorial Day Weekend
05/23/2014Closed May 26th
04/25/2014DDos Denial of Service Attack
04/09/2014Heartbleed, what is it?
02/18/2014Tri-City Herald DealSaver Coupon
05/06/2013IT Tech Day this Wednesday May 8th
10/24/2012Open until 6PM starting Nov. 1st
09/20/2012Friday, September 21st @ 2200 :: 5 to 15 minute Outage
07/20/2012Cline Computers will be Closed Saturday
07/14/2012Benton PUD Fixed Wireless Issues
06/11/2012Upstream Provider Maintenance Notice
05/14/201266.225.18.62 Issues
05/09/2012CLINECOM.NET E-Mail Switching to Google Apps
04/20/2012May 10th E-mail Switch
02/12/2012Server upgrades & brief downtime
09/23/2011Planned Network Outage - 09.29.2011 @ 0300
09/02/2011CLOSED Labor Day Holiday
08/11/2011Verizon Employees Strike
08/09/2011Tri-Cities ranked 11th among most "Geekiest" Cities
07/29/2011Frontier Issues in West Richland
07/28/2011CLOSED July 30th
06/30/2011CLOSED July 2nd - July 4th
05/27/2011CLOSED Memorial Day Weekend
05/24/2011Phone Issues
05/18/2011Frontier blocking e-mails from our DSL Customers
05/18/2011DSL Customers in Frontier Territories should be online
04/07/2011Frontier having issues
04/07/2011Frontier Issues
04/06/2011Frontier appears to be having some issues
02/04/2011Internet Outage
01/31/2011Dialup Network Outage Feb 2 - 11P to Feb 3 - 5P
12/19/2010Closed for the holidays
11/28/201050% OFF AVG Internet Security 2011
11/23/2010CLOSED Thursday, Friday, Saturday
11/19/2010No Static IPs on 4G ONLY modems
10/25/2010No Payments over the weekend
10/20/2010NoaNET/Pasco Switch Maintenance Sat Oct 23rd @ 2300
10/12/2010Phone Issues
10/12/2010Fake UPS Spam E-mails Spread Malware
10/09/2010Columbus Day Holiday
05/24/2010Cline Computers Closed on May 31st
03/08/2010March 11th - 10PM Outage
02/14/2010Closed Tomorrow - Monday, February 15th
01/15/2010Closed January 18th for MLK Day
01/12/2010F-PUD outage on 01/14/2010
12/20/2009Holiday Hours at Cline Computers
11/23/2009Find us on Facebook or Twitter!
11/21/2009Server Upgrades on 11.22.09
09/11/2009FPUD Transformer Change Out
09/07/2009Verizon Blocks Port 25
09/04/2009Closed for Labor Day
06/05/2009Follow up on power outages with the storms
06/04/2009Thunderstorms in Tri-Cities, Washington
03/30/2009Popular local Dial-Up number to change
01/22/2009IP Address Subnet Mask Changes
12/30/2008Fixed Wireless & WIFI Outage
12/18/2008Early morning outage
12/15/2008Brief Outage on December 18th
09/01/2008Franklin PUD DC Power Cutovers
06/18/2008Traffic routes to our servers corrected
06/17/2008Fiber Cut and Web Traffice Re-routing
03/21/2008Phone Issues Resolved after being SLAMMED!
03/20/2008KNDU Story about phone issues -
03/17/2008March 25th 11PM-1AM :: F-PUD IOS updates
03/13/2008Phone Issues at Cline Communications & Cline Computers
03/05/2008March 15, 2008 Benton PUD Maintenance
02/14/2008DSL issues in Long Beach, CA
02/04/2008DSL Customer Issues using PPPoE
01/05/2008Dry (Naked) DSL is now offered!
11/05/2007Maximum password change for DSL PPPoE customers
10/16/2007Franklin PUD Fiber maintenance
10/15/2007Network outage
10/14/2007October 15th's brief network down time for BGP settings
09/12/2007Updated anti-spam & anti-virus (clamav) definitions
09/03/2007Incoming email getting clogged on
08/30/2007Closed Labor Day
08/04/2007Outgoing email issues
06/21/2007new switch put in place for
06/20/2007the switch on the cluster is having issues
06/15/ is having harddrive issues
05/24/2007Mailscanner on falcon's mailserver
05/24/2007Mailscanner is now Active on falcon
05/22/2007Falcon email queue
05/21/2007Email Issues on falcon
04/28/2007SSH Port changed on various servers
04/26/200766.225.18.70 :: is having some issues with DNS / Apache
04/26/200766.225.18.70 :: Upate on DNS Issues
04/18/2007Nationwide Blackberry Network Failure
04/08/2007SSL Certificate Signing Requests Invalid
04/05/2007Cline Computers interviews with KNDU-TV about wireless Internet story
04/03/2007Charter Communications appears to be down for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and parts of California
03/13/2007Cline Computers & Tri-Cities Fever
03/08/2007Server Time Changes
03/05/2007Time Change
01/28/2007ficus server split
01/24/2007Access :: LATA 354
01/18/20075 LATAs are back up!
01/17/2007More on LATA Issues
01/16/2007LATA Issues
12/22/2006New HelpDesk is live
12/20/2006More LATAs going down
12/14/2006Benton PUD Upcoming Maintenance
12/09/2006New Website Launch
11/28/2006Mail Queue Issue Resolved
11/27/2006Incoming E-Mail Queue Problems
11/23/2006No System Status
11/13/2006Additional LATAs dropped from Toll-Free coverage
11/07/2006Continuing Level3 Network Issues
11/07/2006Dialup Network with Level3 is almost complete on Repairs
11/06/2006Level 3 Outage
11/01/2006Access :: Slipstream Accelerator
11/01/2006Slipstream Issues Resolved
10/26/2006Eudora will be going open-source
10/25/2006Auth Codes Required for .com & .net Extensions
10/25/2006ICANN can't shut down Spamhaus
10/18/2006Main Upstream Provider Switch
10/16/2006Active LATAs
10/16/2006Level3 to buy Broadwing
10/12/2006Additional LATAs dropped from Toll-Free coverage
10/11/2006exim restart on
10/11/2006Additional LATAs dropped from Toll-Free coverage
10/10/ with email issues
10/10/2006Google to buy YouTube
10/09/2006Toll-Free Dialup Access Issues
10/05/2006Dialup Issues in Ohio, no ETA on return of service.
10/04/2006Toll-Free Dialup Access Issues
10/01/2006All Systems Are Online
09/26/2006Local Interview :: Spoofing Caller-IDs
09/22/2006Local Interview :: Government Computers Missing.
09/22/2006Toll-Free Dialup Number will STOP working in specific locations.
09/05/2006Clearwire is available in Prosser!
09/04/ splits in two!
08/21/2006Toll-Free Routing is working in all LATAs once again!
08/18/2006Two more Dialup LATAs resolved after issues!
08/18/2006All but two LATAs are now resolved!
08/18/2006Excuse the Construction!
08/17/2006Dialup Issues Resolved!
08/17/2006Power Outage scheduled for 08/22/06 from 12AM-2AM at FPUD Facility
08/15/2006Known Dialup Issues on the network
07/11/2006Downtime for
06/06/2006Point to Point Customers may notice interruptions
05/12/200615 minutes of downtime on Webmail software
04/22/ becomes freefall
02/28/2006IRC Server
02/19/2006Boards Downtime
12/23/2005Tablet PCs :: Take one tablet and IM me in the morning ...
10/28/2005Cline & Level3 Issues
03/01/2004New POP Number for Richland
01/26/2004System Rebuild - no down time
08/14/2003Power Outage at 4PM in Canton Datacenter
05/20/2003New network-wide firewall installed today
05/07/2003New servers shipped today!
02/16/2003Do you Windows?
01/23/2003Dedicated & Colocation IP Addresses
01/15/2003New IP addresses have been assigned
01/02/2003Change of IP address blocks
09/15/2002Linux Journal Interview :: Where the jobs are
06/01/2002Harddrive Transfer
05/31/2002Buggy, Buzz, Skipper
05/30/2002Blurb in PNNL Newsletter
05/15/2002CIO Interview :: Homework that Pays off
04/22/2002Maintenance on control panels & network updates
04/21/2002CPanel License Error
03/04/2002Message Board & Chat Scripts will be unavailable this evening
02/24/2002Webmail Issues
02/22/2002IwannaDOT Downtime
02/12/ Free Email Addresses
02/07/2002CPanel 4
02/06/2002Interchange Shopping Cart
01/27/2002New Servers
11/22/2001Sprint & Verizon Issues
11/19/2001Genuity Issues
09/30/2001DNS Downtime
09/16/2001NOC Down Time
09/02/2001Package Update
09/02/2001User Group
08/25/2001Under Construction
05/18/2001Nameservers Back Online
04/09/2001Message Boards
04/09/2001New Frequently Asked Questions
04/05/2001Phone Issues
03/31/2001Need Help? Visit our new re-vamped online helpdesk
02/19/2001IRC Servers Launched
01/28/2001Welcome Aboard to some new sites!
01/19/2001Templates are now available in the support/tutorials area
01/19/ and ClineCOM have partnered!
01/15/2001No Phone Support
01/15/2001New Hosting Packages
01/14/2001Partnership with DigitalMe
01/14/ Domain Name Extensions