System Status
06/05/2009Follow up on power outages with the storms

12:30AM -

It appears two of our primary upstream providers have had issues this evening causing our web hosting services to have issues being viewed by customers on the rest of the Internet. Most all of these issues have been resolved with a few customers outside the state of Washington still reporting that they cannot access their websites. We are working hard with engineering departments at various internet service providers between our network and the end-users in determining the issue. Due to the storms that have come up from California and occurred throughout Eastern Washington, there has been a lot of power outages and network issues. Our network appears to be live and functioning properly, but many networks that lead up to our network from the rest of the Internet may still be having issues.

The issues that have occurred have only caused problems for our web hosting network and have not caused any issues regarding our dial-up, DSL, fiber, or fixed wireless services.

To access a 3rd party tool to run tests with your website to see if your website is live or can be pinged, we recommend DNSSTUFF.COM or NETWORK-TOOLS.COM.

If you continue to have issues, please contact us at 1-877-943-DATA (3282).

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