System Status
08/17/2006Power Outage scheduled for 08/22/06 from 12AM-2AM at FPUD Facility

This is a network outage release from the Franklin PUD in regards to colocated equipment & hardware using their DC power systems.

In order for Franklin PUD to continue to provide high availability on our DC power systems, we require a system upgrade.

We are not able to upgrade the system while "HOT". There for we must power down the system. We have discussed options with all parties that this power system upgrade will affect. In cooperation with our electricians, we plan to accomplish all non-service affecting processes prior to power down to help alleviate total system downtime.

* Only FPUD customer currently utilizing the DC power system will
be affected.

If you are a customer of ours located in the FPUD with equipment and need assistance during this time, please let us know by opening a ticket at or contacting us at 1-877-943-DATA (3282).

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